ABA Software Survey


After surveying the market, it seems there are many players of all sizes already present. We would have to do something small really well to succeed.

There are two feature sets that these companies are pitching.

  • Practice Management: This is what the business cares about. Scheduling, payroll, billing, insurance, compliance for audit
  • Data Collection: This is what the therapist cares about. Making lesson plans, data collection, reporting


Here is the comparison of the bigger ABA software players out there. The columns are:

  • office: office management capability. So it includes, scheduling, billing, payroll, etc
  • payment: this is part of office management but I have broken it apart as it is more specialized. Can the software automatically process payments
  • assessment: this and the latter categories refer to the ABA therapists' work as opposed to the earlier two which refer to the office manager's work. Are there assessment tools available
  • lessons: does it come with a library of lessons or curriculum that can be used as a starting off point
  • data flow: this includes data collected by the aba therapist and reporting. This is what matters most to you
  • design: how pleasant is the software to look at and use. This is also a proxy for the craftsmanship and present-day investment going into software
  • price: How much would it cost for a small office with 50 students and 10 BCBAs. Most of these are blank since they don't give out pricing

The numbers 0-3 refer to how good it is. 0 means the feature is not impleented. 3 means it is best-in-class.


Features needed

  • Mobile-first
  • Make data collection easy and fast
  • Have curriculum bank so the program needed can be quickly found
  • Show reports and data to therapists and parents to motivate them
  • Handle the back-office stuff like scheduling, billing, payroll to make practice management easy

Notes on competition


Comprehensive, back-office looking, not aba tailored, weak data flow


ACE ABA Software

Specialized for ace curriculum for schools, great curriculum bank and data recording. Still back-office looking. However ACE curriculum seems more opinionated and something the practice would have to adopt first before using this software


Portia ABA Software

Does everything except payment processing while being 8/10 on rest


DataFinch Catalyst

Separate data collection and practice management software. Data collection is very strong. I like how these two products are made, marketed and developed independently.



No practice management features. Looks like coloring book in bad way. This looks like the minimum amount of work we have to do to build data collection and reporting software.


Central Reach

Cutting edge in every way. The one to beat



Practice management only. Corporate looking in a bad way


Skills For Autism

Winning awards. Not focused on practice management. Does ABA well. Good curriculum and dedicated logbook


Rethink First

Does everything plus training BCBAs. Pitched at big health care providers


Next steps

The two companies to watch out for are CentralReach and SkillsForAutism. CentralReach is doing everything very well. It looks like they have a very talented software and ABA team guiding their roadmap. SkillsForAutism is doing very neat things with their Skill Builder to efficiently design behavior plans and Skill Logbook to efficiently take down data in the field.

Suggested next steps are this:

  • Figure out the three things you need as a therapist to work well and what an ideal software would look like. A few line description for each of those three things is great
  • Figure out the same three things as someone running this business and chart out ideal software too just like before
  • Then go to these two company's website, click schedule a demo and ask questions of them to see how well they are satisfying the above needs
  • Is there something we can do even better than these people? Is there something they have missed out on? Are they going about something in the wrong way? Do the pieces not fit well together? Essentially we want to figure out how can we can do things fundamentally differently to succeed over competition who has so much head start over us.