Your proper paragraphs on Tinder describing your beliefs,
Your texts exhuding with emotion and trust,
Your whatsapp full of love emojis.

Your puzzlement and slight hesitance at giving me your address,
Your sonorous nervous laughter on our first date,
Your engaging stories since then.

Your peaceful sleep in one of my sweaters while you snuggled the other one,
Your satisfaction as you found and applied my chapstick,
Your restful sleep in my bed.

Your reserved delight when you saw the flower petal heart,
Your unbridled enthusiasm for the boyfriend text app,
Your trusting response to our trip plan.

Your piercing green eyes framed by the intriguing eyebrows,
Your regal cheekbones bringing out the perfect nose,
Your sensual lips always pulling me in.

Your beautiful bare shoulders reflecting the soft bedroom light,
Your soft cleavage hinting at the confident perky breasts,
Your curvacious tight ass.

Your endearingly sweet voice as you call out to me,
Your tantalizingly sultry voice otherwise,
Your ecstatic breathy moans

Your boundless affection
Your profound intimacy
Your unending love

You are mine
You are